About the author

Davina Bell

So here is the official bit:

Davina Bell is a writer for young people of many ages, and a children’s book editor. Her award-winning and Notable picture books include All the Ways To Be Smart, Under the Love Umbrella, The Underwater Fancy-dress Parade, Oh Albert! and Hattie Helps Out. She is also the author of the Alice books in Penguin’s best-selling Our Australian Girl series, the Lemonade Jones series of Junior Fiction, Sophia and the Corner Park Clubhouse (the first in a new middle-grade series) and a young-adult novel that was shortlisted for the Text Prize and will be published in 2020.

Having been a Senior Editor at Penguin Books, she now works on the children’s list at Affirm Press in Melbourne. A lover of words and ideas in many forms, Davina regularly travels the country, speaking to children and adults about books and writing. The magic of picture books continues to enchant her. 

PS: If you are Zoe Dawson, your emails keep bouncing back from the address you gave me, but I was born in Perth in 1982! Sorry I can’t email you directly! Hope you find this somehow.

Now that’s out of the way, here are some slightly more interesting things about me:

I love New York, blossoms, tofu burritos, nature, picture books, the New York Times and finding out interesting facts about Amish people.

New York.jpg

If you are reading this and you are a fat baby, I pretty much already love you (and you are also very clever).

If you ever want to buy me a coffee, fyi, I drink almond milk, and thanks so much for offering.

In mid-2014, I moved from Melbourne to Yallingup in down-south WA to write a novel, learn to surf and master the art of gluten-free pastry. Turns out these are all quite tricky things to do! I only ended up writing the novel, but that book is going to be published by Text Publishing 2020 and that's worth all the gluten-free pastry in the world. Probably.

Now I live in Melbourne again, where I can hear the trams ding and there's all the coffee in the world, but I still dream of the WA beaches.

When I was a little person, I looked like this - the one on the left:

I did not write this. But I sort of wish I had...

Davina Best of Both Worlds.png

In 2012, I volunteered with Nakuru Hope, an incredible and inspiring organisation that educates children and supports families in the Kaptembwa slum of Nakuru, Kenya. A percentage of the sales from my books help send this little munchkin to boarding school, and you can read more about the project at www.nakuruhope.org. Life-changing!

Bye for now!